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Now You Can Own Brainy Bunch Unit Trust Fund

Minimum RM5,000 to subscribe BrainyBunch Trust Fund (Series A)
Alhamdulillah. All praise is for Allah SWT.
In a strategic move to distribute wealth amongst our beloved BrainyBunch supporters, parents, teachers, staff, student alumni and vendors, BrainyBunch Sdn Bhd has allocated 30% of its shares to BrainyBunch Trust Fund (Series A) for everyone to partake as a unit trust subscriber.

Key features of Brainy Bunch Trust Fund

Key Facts on Brainy Bunch

📌 Brainy Bunch Sdn Bhd operates 102 Islamic Montessori PreSchools catering to children for 2 to 6 years old.

📌 We also operate 2 Brainy Bunch International Islamic School, catering to students from age 6 to 17 years old.

📌 After 10 years of operations, we have established a strong brand presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and GAZA. And we have just recently announced our market entry into Brunei Darussalam, our first campus is opening in Q4 2021.

📌 This move will further cement our effort to become the preferred brand for early childhood education in ASEAN by 2030.

📌 To achieve our Vision 2030, we will embark on our hyper growth mode to educate, coach and help 10 million children in Brainy Bunch Education

📌 System worldwide to become intelligent, impactful and ethical world leaders in their chosen field.

📌 From a valuation of RM1billion to RM10billion in year 2030. In Shaa Allah.

When will this be?


Date: 5th August 2021


Yaumul Jumaah | Friday


10 am to 12 pm

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